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From The Bishop of Bristol - 14 Mar 1991

"You wrote to me on 3rd January, 1991, registering your disapproval of animals being killed. I think that the views of the General Synod draw attention to the need for the proper care of animals. The report ANIMAL WELFARE G.S. Misc 341 is particularly helpful.

"Those who consider that human beings should be entirely vegetarian have come a long way in recent years and the support given through the General Synod is a useful step along the way; though, of course, it is hardly likely to satisfy Custodians but public opinion is being brought along.

"I am sure that you are right to draw attention to the harshness of much factory farming and you will find that churchpeople are anxious to join with others in removing what is wrong.

"The actions of a loving God have been continually abused by humanity. We have a long way to go before we can say that God's purposes of love have been fulfilled. There is more at stake here than the care of animals.

"The views of the Pope also indicate the development of Christian thought and practice and they are greatly to be welcomed."

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