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Letters By Margaret Lawson

A call to action on animal rights

Sir, - Hugh Montefiore's statement that "the Holy Spirit is active in inspiring medical progress in the relief of suffering quite as much as in Charismatic healings" (19 April) attracted my attention. It may be true in some respects, but I cannot believe that the Holy Spirit inspires vivisection or medical research on live animals.

This is more likely to be the work of the devil. In vivisection laboratories they are scalded, burned, flayed, electrocuted, poisoned, injected with disease and much more. Of the total number of experiments carried out each year on over three million animals, over two thirds are performed without anesthetic.

Moreover, animals' constitutions are different from that of humans, so that what is found to be safe on animals is not safe on humans and can lead to unpleasant side-effects, even tragedy in the case of, for example, thalidomide and opren. Can this possibly be God's will? Never, if we believe in a loving God who saw all his creation as good. Christians of all people should be taking a stand against medical research on live sentient animals, while striving to develop healthy lifestyles (for example, not eating the flesh of animals, one of the causes of heart troubles, high blood pressure and some cancers), as well as making the best use of alternative therapies such as homeopathy, not to mention spiritual healing, when necessary.

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