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Animal welfare: a Christian response

Sir, - I do understand why there is a shocked silence when a parson's wife says she is more interested in trying to save some of the last few thousand rhinos surviving in the world than in sustaining an overabundance of human beings; or when she shows sympathy with vampire bats who kill three people in Brazil following the destruction of their habitat.

Is it not, however, time that practising Christians voiced more strongly their belief that God created all living things?

With few exceptions church services encourage us to think of the needs of people. We pray for the sick, the old, the lonely, the bereaved, the hungry, the homeless. Even on "Sea Sunday" we pray for the safety of all people who use the sea without a mention of our responsibility towards life within the sea. Particularly amongst the young there is a feeling that the Church should be in the forefront of efforts to reverse the age-old belief that we have a right "to conquer the earth and subdue it".

What about fitting "Environment Sunday" into the Church's year?

Paddy Schofield

Church Times, 2 August 1991.

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