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Turkey piety

The term religious massacre could well be extended to cover the 60 million birds that will lose their lives for the season of goodwill.

For Christianity to be the noblest of faiths it would need to distance itself from this callous destruction of life on such a massive scale.

It is always the weak, vulnerable and voiceless that are the first to suffer oppression and Christian sympathies should naturally fall towards them and towards all victims of wanton bloodletting.

Instead we see ignorant theology used to condone ugly habits. As a result, countless souls are driven from their bodies, purely to satisfy a selfish acquired taste.

Our finer qualities of kindness, love and compassion should never be stifled by spiritually blind religious dogma that attempts to bypass conscience; the quiet voice of God within.

So let's expand our moral horizons and not attempt to live in a world of effects without causes. One less turkey eaten is one less turkey killed. A genuinely Christian attitude could well be the best way forward.

Wales on Sunday

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