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No right to eat animals

IN viewpoints on December 13, the traditional Christian notion of a "God given right" to needlessly harm animals was raised.

The author cited Genesis 9:3, as this is widely believed to be a divine blessing for eating animal flesh.

The specific injunction which immediately follows in verse 9:4 is less frequently contemplated: "But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat."

It is from this line that the fundamentalist Koshering process of attempting to seperate blood from meat is derived.

Blood, however, will remain in the capillaries at the end of the ritual, so the only way to literally adhere to the verse is to avoid eating bits of dead animals altogether.

There is no biblical warrant for the endless gallons of blood being spilt every year, and every Christmas, in abattoirs.

God's will is life.

Throughout history, too rigid an adherence to specifics has perverted the wider spirit of love, mercy and compassion that flows from the Gospel.

Many of Wilberforce's opponents to the abolition of legalised slavery were Christians, armed with the least noble scriptures they could find.

South Wales Echo


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