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FoL Letter: to regional animal rights groups

We are a spiritual based animal rights group supporting all aspects of the movement. One of our main campaigns is to promote vegetarianism as a truly Christian way of life. As part of this campaign the enclosed leaflets have been produced, which it is hoped will be of interest to members within your group.

The leaflet is intended to target informal Christian gatherings, festivals, raves and other events, in an appeal to the 'better nature' of grassroots Christians, whilst bypassing traditional Church intransigence, hierarchy and dogma. Christian bookshops usually contain publications such as "Spotlight" which give advance listings of forthcoming regional events, that might benefit from having the leaflet distributed in their vicinity.

The leaflets themselves can be handed out by anyone with a knowledge of vegetarian facts and a sense of compassion, referring any 'Bible-Bullies' back to the theological booklet (enclosed) which accompanies the campaign.

We hope that the strategic value of vegetarian campaigning from this angle will be recognised. Christians generally hold a notion that they're basically exempt from 'secular' vegetarian campaigns. We feel sure that there are many within the A/R movement who would appreciate an accessible formula for communicating with a sizable proportion of the general public, on their own ground.

Please feel free to reprint/adapt/quote extracts from the booklet in any group newsletters etc. that you might have. If you require any further information, please get in touch at the above address.

Claire and Tom Harral

16 September 1997

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