The Fellowship of Life
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Letters By Margaret Lawson


...HTH's teaching on supply influenced me very much, and when I started the Fellowship of Life in 1973, I had only my job to rely on, nothing saved. Over the years I found every leaflet and postage provided for. If I decided on a new leaflet, I carried on with it even if I had no money in the bank. But there was always money to pay the printer's bill without a 'reminder'! It is all a matter of TRUST!

As regards tithing, I did do it at one time, but when I had a deep experience of union, I saw that all money is God's. and that tithing is really a discipline to teach us wisdom in using our money. And over and above that I find everything works out harmoniously...Despite difficulties, life is full of blessings. My cup overflows!

The Science of Thought Review
May/June 1998

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