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To the Archbishop of Canterbury - 26 Feb 1999

Dear Sir,

It is easier to say a prayer in a woodland or on a hill than in a church. It is hypocritical to sing hymns and say prayers for all God's creatures, in a church, and then go home and kill these creatures and eat these creatures.

"All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all." - and then people go home and eat them - and condone cruel experiments and mass slaughter.

The truth is: We do not need to eat animals to stay alive. We could feed the world's hungry people with cereals, vegetables and fruit if we did not factory farm animals.

Because we are just coming to the end of the age of barbarism, we do not see the truth, we do not want to see it; but eating animals is barbaric.

Every step on the way to a more humane, honest and fair society; such as protests about cannibalism, slavery, child labour and equality - and every recognition of the, formerly, repressed innermost knowledge that one knows that something is wrong, has been expressed by, at first, a minority - and then the realisation spreads.

The one truth that is the hardest thing for people to accept is that killing animals is wrong. Sadly, man is selfish. It is his health that is more important. Animals are there for his exploitation. It is his land because he 'bought' it - no matter that the animals were there first.

We think that we have the right to experiment on animals in order to make us healthier. We think that animals are not as important as us. Because we can speak and are dominant, we should have the best of everything.

We also remove animals from their natural environment, enslave and imprison them, fill them with steroids and antibiotics, feed them with diseased animal remains instead of fresh grass, milk them to capacity so that they cannot walk, steal the milk from their babies and give them a watered down version, artificially inseminate them against their natural urges - and then kill them and eat them.

This cannot be right.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. M. Imeson


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