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Animals' plight is blight on civilisation

I am sure that Mr F. speaks for most Christians in expressing concern that the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare and the "Meat is Murder Brigade" are one and the same. I think it safe to say that there are very few vegetarian campaigners who have been lifelong adherents to the lifestyle. So concerns about the "Sunday joint being added to an already long list of sins" shouldn't be too difficult to understand by anyone who has ever delighted in the ritual!

I would however like to offer another perspective.

Animal flesh is only procured through needless violence on a vast scale. It is only reasonable to describe this state of affairs as a blight on civilisation. That the process is utterly devoid of mercy, compassion and authentic respect for God's creatures should be a matter of grave reflection to anyone with a spiritual capacity. Animal rights campaigners, leafleting up and down the country on a Saturday must be thoroghly sick of "Christian" attitudes encountered whilst attempting to instil compassion amongst a sizeable section of the public.

Yet thankfully society is increasingly responding to an awakened conscience, as the various, windowless, centres of animal abuse are increasingly exposed, confronting the consumer with the gruesome causes of culinary effects.

It is a source of regret however that a religious tradition which could be leading the way, is so rarely in the procession.

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