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Hunt on for souls

I really must congratulate The Universe (February 20) in highlighting what must be the most lamentable case for bloodsports ever to see print!

There are four actual hunters mentioned in the Bible; Nimrod (Genesis 10: 8-9), founder of the Babylonian Empire which opposes God throughout scripture and is destroyed in the Book of Revelation.

Ishmael (Genesis 16 and 21:20), whose unfavourable standing is dealt with in Galatians 4: 22-31).

Esau, whose occupation is contrasted with his brother Jacob in Genesis 25:27 and who receives appropriate condemnation from St Paul in Romans 9: 8-13.

The fourth hunter is found in Revelation 6:2 as the rider of the white horse with the hunting bow, yet another poor contrast to the theme of the Good Shepherd!

Throughout the Psalms and Proverbs, "snares" are used to describe the devices of the ultimate hunter; OF SOULS!

Let us not forget that God's eventual aspiration for mankind is a return to his originally intended Peaceable Kingdom, where hunting is specifically abolished (Hosea 2:18).

From the New Testament we had an entirely inappropriate reference to Christ's exorcism of Gerasa and the fate of the Garadene swine. Jesus was no malevolent magician.

It is safe to venture that the exorcised demons would have been vengeful and destructive enough to find their own way into the perfectly innocent pigs concerned.

It is very difficult to equate mystical phenomenom with conventional fishing practises as Christ's intention was to alleviate suffering, not magnify it!

On that basis there is no reason to assume that the MIRACLES were anything less than humane in every sense.

Given the number of Christian saints noted and indeed beatified for their love of the animal creation, I for one shall give Our Lord the benefit of the doubt!

The Universe

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