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Cunning arguments for foxhunting

Sir, A few weeks ago I was dismayed to encounter yet another major article extolling bloodsports in a Christian newspaper (Comment, Sept 20).

It was accompanied by a large, almost charming photograph, of a huntsman at play with his foxhounds. Presumably, a scene from the other end of the chase would be considered too obscene for publication.

It would however, have been more relevant.

A week later, you printed the most precise debunking of the notion of 'liberty' - to engage in cruel past times - that I've recently come across. It should be remembered that 'sports' such as cock-fighting whilst proscribed, are on the increase amongst certain rural elements. Either the "Liberty and Livelihood" march recognised and represented such depravity, or it was fundamentally bogus.

Deborah Jones focused on the reality behind the recent attempts at equating bloodsports with genuine conservation. Moreover, her article raises a challenge to the actual direction of Catholic response towards an inherently grave moral issue:

Should 'sport' really set the Christian context for issues which affect our duties as stewards of creation?

When I hear of "country sports" enthusiasts complaining that their ways are "misunderstood", I become concerned, for a range of reasons. It is indeed worth considering that unseen forces, seemingly compell so many towards behaving like savages; amidst a multitude of lies and excuses. Yet it remains difficult for so many of us to "understand"?

Maybe that's just as well. Some 400,000 marchers could not bolster an intrinsically bad case.

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