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In response to the moral indifference towards foxhunting expressed by Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor in the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

Has the Church failed to protect animals?

Sir, Any Catholic with an active concern towards animal suffering is well used to the endemic indifference of our Church hierarchy.

In the case of blood sports it has taken several decades, from low-key to climatic efforts on the part of welfarists, to secure even the prospect of civilised legislation. I can think of no moral input from the Catholic Church over centuries, which have seen countless wild mammals torn to pieces for human recreation.

At last, hunting with dogs looks set to become rightly recognised as a nadir within human history. Only now is there any interest or influence from a Cardinal, which will properly be construed by many as a devastating denial of witness to creation abuse.

It may well be the case that many Catholics have no actual concern or compunction about the thousands of hares and foxes which are torn limb from limb, each year. It is entirely bogus, however, to disguise contempt for animal welfare with concern for human well-being.

Those who are involved in rightful efforts to preserve the sanctity of the human embryo will themselves, easily recall derisive advice to focus on "more important issues". Yet a genuinely "pro-life" activist remains undistracted in response to their own unique calling, to receive and augment the unfolding will of the Holy Spirit.

Our Divine Image is in no way reflected through evil inclinations towards fully sentient animals. Nor is it enhanced through collaboration with the enemies of creation, in impeding the essential responsibilities of benevolent stewardship.

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