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Blood price

Sir - It is a real shame that Christendom tends to allow a century or so to pass before apologising for its participation in needless bloodletting.

The medieval Crusades, Spanish Inquisition and slave trade of the British Empire have all been granted a gospel mandate at different stages in the moral evolution of society. Yet today's Christian conscience would hopefully renounce any link between violent oppression and the love of God; as revealed through an intelligent and intuitive understanding of the Bible.

The spirit of the scriptures as a whole, rather than the specific letter has been the impetus behind many a benevolent deed, institution and movement in Christian history. Yet instead of seeking to cultivate a compassionate process which Christ attempted to instil, contemporary religionists all to often seek to shrivel the infinite love of God.

A particularly grim consequence of theological neglect can be witnessed in the ruthless exploitation and rampant cruelty which has afflicted countless animal lives, over centuries. It is even the case that traditional celebrations for the birth of the Prince of Peace during the 'season of goodwill' are routinely characterised by millions of turkey deaths, in the UK alone.

The challenge for the Church will be to reconcile the real message of peace, mercy and justice which the Bible contains with a credible form of Christian compassion.

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