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All God's creatures

What a lamentable tirade in "From the Archive:100 years ago" (1 May) belittling perceived levels of intelligence within the animal creation.

The angelic realms would doubtless discern another occasion of "Tuppence ha'penny looking down on tuppence"!

One wonders to what extent Catholic Concern for Animals, originally founded in 1929, has been successful in ameliorating ignorance amongst Catholics towards animals and their God-given interests.

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All God's creatures (II)

John Gilheany wonders how Catholic Concern for Animals has been effective in enlightening Catholics about animals (Letters, 8 May). The fact that the archive material upon which he comments is so obviously outdated is one indicator that there has indeed been progress. Cathedral services, animal blessing services, retreats, publications and prayers over the years have brought many to a greater understanding of the value of animals as creatures of God and not just as objects for human use.

Unlike Catechisms of the past, the Catechism of the Catholic Church states that we owe humans kindness, that we should emulate the gentleness towards them of such saints as Francis of Assisi and Philip Neri, and that, as their stewards, we should avoid being causes of their suffering. This shows the Church has moved far from the dismissive and hubristic attitude of a century ago.

Deborah Jones
General Secretary
Catholic Concern for Animals

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