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Reply to 'Twisted values of animals before people'

In reply to an article by the Catholic Times' political correspondent, Christopher Graffius, published February 12, 1995 and entitled 'Twisted values of animals before people':

Respect for animals and care for humans spring from the same source - a profound love for the whole of God's Creation

Why should Christopher Graffius presume that those who care for animals do not also care for people?

I have been a member of SPUC for about twenty years, I support Lepra - I am also a member of the Cats Protection League and see no contradiction.

As regards the calves, their treatment does involve very definite cruelty by anyone's standards. They are confined in crates, and are unable to play - and are fed a diet which makes them anemic to produce the fashionable white flesh.

We have no right to inflict that amount of suffering for a fad.

It could be avoided if they were slaughtered in this country - particularly if the local abattoirs were reopened. This solution could be implemented without much delay.

A more radical solution would be for dairy farmers to keep breeds such as dairy shorthorns where bull calves can be raised for beef. They also give better milk than Frisians.

Florence Evans (5/3/95)

I do applaud Rosamund Ridley for having the courage of her convictions over the issue of live stock exportation.

It is good to know there are people who do uphold compassionate ways of farming.

Whilst I agree with Christopher Graffius that we must do all we can to alleviate suffering of children, and adults alike, animals have the same emotions and feelings - the same sensitivity to pain; they need all the support they can get if this evil trade is to be discontinued.

S.M. Somers (Mrs) (5/3/95)

I've been quietly incensed for years at people like Christopher Graffius and I can no longer resist the chance to take on one of his like.

How dare he assume that people who care deeply about animals' suffering don't also care about human suffering.

Does he support Amnesty and write letters to foreign governments on behalf of strangers who are being tortured etc?

Does he support two missionary societies and their work for disadvantaged people plus the 'Little Way'? Does he support the Catholic Children's Society plus the NSPCC also the Catholic Truth Society?

Well, I do as well as the RSPCA.

Mr Graffius should take the plank out of his own eye, I don't need a sermon from him on caring for my fellow man/woman.

When I hear people like him sounding off sanctimoniously about people like me, I always privately wonder what they themselves are actually doing about and for, the people they purport to love more than us the 'animal lovers!'

Well, I for one will continue to care for animals with a clear conscience and thank God that not everyone is like the above mentioned Mr. Graffius.

Unrepentant and Loving pensioner (5/3/95)

I have been buying the Catholic Times, since its inception but not until the last two issues did I realise that you had a very anti-animals rights ethos.

I shall not be buying it any longer.

Factory farming is an obscenity, all God's creation was created for freedom. Abortions are the consequences of lust and fornication, and so the solution to abortion is obvious.

Anthony Cowley (5/3/95)

ED: Naturally we are sorry to lose you, Mr Cowley, especially as we have every sympathy with animal rights. They are, however, subservient to the rights of the unborn.

I find the article by Christopher Graffius 'Twisted values of animals before people' highly offensive.

People who have compassion for God's creatures he regards as sentimental fools.

Many good people have tried for years to end unnecessary suffering for all animals in its many forms. Is it any wonder that things have reached this sorry state?

I have no television so I cannot say how Jill Phipps was mown down.

One thing I do know is that many people protesting are good Christians - not all are thugs as he would have us believe.

He appears to sweep under the carpet the evil things done to animals, blood sports, vivisection etc. It was in bad taste to quote Jill as saying before she died 'I don't feel sorry concerning the plane crash they knew what they were doing.'

I hope he will not write such an offensive article again. A good Catholic paper like the Catholic Times deserves better than that. Also just for the record I regard the killing of the unborn as devilish. Both are evil but God will not be mocked.

Margaret Kelly (5/3/95) .

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