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Stop abusing our planet

David Alton (May 19) perhaps unwittingly uncovers an embarrassment in contemporary Catholicism.

To sidestep the issues raised by green Christianity is a soft wand to condone our own unsustainable abuse of the planet.

Catholics have not been notably keen to take on board what the Pope, some bishops and ecological theologians have been saying - the integrity of creation was to the first Christians the undisputable premise of our faith. "Creation is the all-supporting basis of the Jewish-Christian kerygma", writes the Dominican theologian Edward Schillebeek.

Nor may we pretend that only developing peoples need to exercise voluntary restraint in procreation. We on this small island are too many too. And we consume much to much. Indeed we exploit developing peoples by importing their resources so we can indulge in our sustainable numbers.

Mass tourism also wastes resources we should be sharing with starving people.

Right Christian livelihood listens to good theology. The reluctance of some Catholic leaders and journals to take on board what balanced green theology has been saying, is itself an embarrassing theological question.

Dr Edward P Echlin

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