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Cruelty to battery hens

Bruce Kent's Charterhouse (July 27) has brought to the notice of Catholic readers the sickening cruelty of keeping hens in batteries.

When the salmonella scare was on we saw the hens in their pitiful conditions on our TV screens and hoped that this would awaken the public to what was going on.

But although scores of people must have shared our revulsion it does not seem to have produced a massive determination to put an end to a disgusting practice which it would appear some are ready to condone on economic grounds.

In the absence of legislation the responsibility must lie with the consumer to refuse to buy eggs emanating from battery farms. Two centuries ago William Blake wrote:

A robin red breast in a cage
Puts all heaven in a rage

With apologies to Blake may I add:

The suffering of a battery bird
Cries to heaven to be heard.

Catherine Wells

Catholic Herald


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