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Oxford Mail: comment (30/9/96) & reply from Cynthia O'Neil

Fresh fields

It would be interesting to know why veteran animal rights campaigner Cynthia O'Neill chose Stanton Harcourt for her call to Christians to pray for an end to vivisection.

After all, there is a perfectly good church in her own village of Milton-under-Wychwood.

Perhaps she felt it was a question of a prophet not being recognised in her own land? Or maybe she knew her words would fall on stony ground. You can be sure they've heard them all before.

Why I chose that church

I, as an anti-vivisection activist, chose Stanton Harcourt Church because it is the parish church in which Park Farm, Northmoor is situated and no doubt Christians in the congregation work in these animal hell holes. (Oxford Mail, September 29).

Only three miles from this church 1,000 monkeys destined for vivisection labs are held captive!

It was also at Park Farm that ALF activists found stolen pet dogs. I had good reason to target the church I chose.

Cynthia O'Neill


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