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Current evil of speciesism

Congratulations on Bruce Kent's vigorous condemnation of battery egg production (July 27).

The ministry's argument is as ludicrous as the remark made at the recent Church of England Synod that the hen was "a simple bird with a very Small brain", and so did not object to a battery life.

Jeremy Bentham's comment is relevant here: "One question is not, can they reason? Nor can they talk? But can they suffer?"

Animals are sentient beings, not mere machines. Unless we convert to a global warming of the heart, and learn to treat them with compassion and kindness instead of greedy exploitation and selfishness, we shall all suffer. Our appalling assault on animals, nature and the environment will ensure that the world becomes a place where no known forms of life survive.

Christians awake! Our pastors and masters rightly denounce violence and preach against sexism and racism. They must no longer be allowed to ignore the horrific evils of speciesism.

Dr Margaret Maison

Catholic Herald (10/8/90)

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