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As the Archbishop calls for a return to moral standards in this country, great stress is laid upon the importance of the family. This is a sentiment shared, I am quite sure, by masses of people throughout the world.

During this campaign no mention has been made, as far as I know, of that very large part of God's creation, namely the animal kingdom. Why are the "lesser brethren" not included when reference is made to the family of God? In spite of scientific progress it must still be admitted that God creates all life, so why is part of his family remembered and not the rest?

We deplore, and rightly so, any kind of deprivation that man must suffer, but is it not time that we should move on still further to a more comprehensive outlook on life, and extend our concern to every living thing?

The animal must suffer all the cruelties, neglect and exploitation imposed upon him by man. His dependence is total. He has no means of protest, no court of law. Could we not include him in this campaign for a better, fairer way of life for all?

The societies do a wonderful job, but could we now not look also to our Church leaders and those in public office who have the power to put the message across to the people? While they occupy their varying platforms, could they not include a plea for the moral law to be extended to all living things?

Much is said today about freedom. This can never be complete until the creatures also have their fair share of liberty and consideration. They have the right to live their lives without fear and want, as much as we have.

Let us raise our voices on behalf of those who have no voice with which to plead for mercy.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer said: "Compassion, in which ethics have their roots, can only achieve full scope and depth if it is not limited to men but extended to all living things."

Freda C. Boys

The Vegetarian

(January 1976).   

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