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Lambs and Foxes

As a farmer's son, before I went into the Christian ministry in the 1930's, I was about with the sheep at all times of the night at lambing time. I have never seen a fox taking a living lamb, not even a new-born one. I think the whole idea is a myth, invented by those who love to hunt foxes in the name of 'sport'. For nearly two hundred years our family have been farming in the valley of the Skythwen which flows into the Wye between Erwood and Llyswen - first of all 53 acres, then in 1921 my father bought the adjoining farm, making it over 100 acres. Then my brother and nephew added two more farms, making it well over 200 acres. If this land had come into my possession, as part of it would have done if I had not gone to the Mission Field, I can assure you no Brecon huntsman, or his horse, would have chased foxes over that land! I have pressed my brother, and my nephew - who are both born-again Christians - to stop the hunt going over their farms.

I well recall that foxes or badgers "were taking lambs", and even "killing sheep"!! It strikes me farmers, like the rest, will believe what they want to believe! So several farmers were waiting with guns at the ready each night at farms adjoining my home, where these 'nightly monsters' were supposed to be doing their dirty work! Not a lamb was lost nor a sheep destroyed while this nightly 'vigil' continued. But more to the point, not a single fox, nor a badger, put in an appearance, for these trigger-happy 'night watchers' to have a go! My father, who took part in this vigil, and one or two other wise-headed men, drew their own conclusions, and did not hesitate to voice them. All the farmers who were taking part in this nightly vigil made doubly sure their own sheep dogs were safely shut in during that time!

We have been very delighted to hear of your successes during the year that has just passed, and we wish you God's rich blessing in your work during this New Year.

(Rev.) D.J.K. Williams

P.S. - I am a Non-conformist Minister. But I have for many years deplored the Anglican allowing - and even taking part in - hunting on Church lands. I think the Christian Church - both Anglican and Non-conformist - has been very week and feeble in its attitude towards the moral and ethical problems of hunting and destruction of wild life. If our Bishops and Non-conformist leaders were half as concerned about the moral and ethical questions of hunting and the destruction of wild life, as they are about politics, the Christian Church might at least be respected, even if not attended.

Wildlife Guardian
No.16, Spring 1991

Journal of the League Against Cruel Sports. Reproduced with Thanks.

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