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Bad, mad and vile: bull fighting's out

I was totally disgusted to see your article on the front page (Catholic Herald, 27 August) relating to the sadistic, maladjusted youth who cuts the ears off bulls for kicks in the detestable Spanish bullfighting arena.

Please no one call it sport - this is vile cruelty.

How thoroughly shameful that he was educated at the well-known public school, St Edmunds, and yet left the school with obviously no idea whatever of either love or respect for the animal kingdom.

As Pope John Paul II said on 19 January 1990, "animals possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren - animals are as near to God as men are."

Thank you to the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare for striving to combat all forms of cruelty and abuse and bringing to our notice the above strong and good words of our Pope.

Diana J Harrold
Catholic Herald (10/9/93)

I am sorry to hear that once again someone from one of our Public Schools has commended an ex-student who has become involved in a sport involving cruelty to animals.

Bullfighting and cutting off the bull's ears (I wonder whether this took place while the animal was still alive?) should not be an option for someone from a privileged background, who should be setting an example to the rest of us.

Jean Hughes (10/9/93).

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