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Man's best friends

I am so glad that Clare Boylan, in another of her excellent columns, has raised the subject of animal abuse (Catholic Herald, November 27).

It is a subject about which the Catholic Church has been evasive for far too long.

Ms Boylan is so right to say that "We have been given the gift and companionship of creatures that are gentle and beautiful and primitive and profound."

As a vegetarian, I do not expect everyone to share my views, but as a Christian and a Catholic, I believe we are beholden to look with compassion and sensitivity on our fellow creatures.

Moira Dwyer

Catholic Herald


 As an animal-lover, I have always felt that St Francis of Assisi's understanding of, and deep affection for, animals has been ignored by the Church since medieval times.

I was all the more grateful to Clare Boylan for bringing to our attention the important role these silent and gentle creatures play in our lives.

Selina MacMurty


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