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Animal Racism

Your columnist John Battle MP (June 7) poses as the reasonable man with a sense of "proportion" on animal welfare issues. He admits that anthropocentricism - a better term is speciesism - is nowadays out of date and that it is "wise to insist on a fuller creation centred. . . perspective".

Nevertheless his article as a whole is speciesist, and does not answer the question in the eye catching caption "why pigs are penned" or the question "why did the government delay so long in applying a remedy?" (answer: love of money).

Racism has been well nigh exorcised from the church. Speciesism still persists in some of the church's malodorous nooks and crannies. It is the aim of CSCAW to achieve the exorcism of this sibling devil too. It was Litvinov, the Soviet ambassador to London who, in the 1930's said "peace is indivisible." So is compassion.

The animal welfare workers about whom John Battle complains are well aware that it is useless and hypocritical to expect peace on earth for guilty mankind while making war on innocent non-human creation on whatever pretext.

Richard Bocking
Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare

Catholic Herald (28/6/91).

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