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So what exactly did the Pope say?

In the Advertisement "Animals and Religion" placed in your paper by the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare the Pope is quoted as saying that animals have souls and that they are as near to God as men are. I find it hard to believe that the Pope said any such thing: there is no evidence for this in the Scriptures.

Margaret Heath

Catholic Herald


Margaret Heath cannot believe that the Pope has said that animals have souls.

The Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare have sent me a leaflet in which the Pope is quoted at a "public audience" - described no further - with remarks the leaflet conflates with the views of Carlo Molari (Urbino University) and Mgr Canciani (who invites animals into his church in Rome).

The Pope's apparent actual words that animals have "the breath of life" are replaced in these other interviews with the word "soul".

Andrew Jude Powney


Margaret Heath (Catholic Herald, 6 August) maintains animals have no souls... If the soul manifests itself in worldly terms as 'character' then my dog has a soul indeed. I just wish I could be as sure of my own salvation as I am of his.

J Marmarossy


On the question of whether animals have souls; I remember an old Anglican vicar who ran a boys' club I belonged to many years ago, who was asked, 'Do you think animals have an afterlife?'

He replied, 'Well, it would be very dull without them, wouldn't it?'

John Bunting


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