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We must put an end to animal cruelty

I am grateful to the Revd Professor Andrew Linzey for his most excellent article and to the Catholic Herald for its inclusion (Catholic Herald, 20 May).

Few voices of eminence are ever raised against the incessant practice of animal cruelty.

Closing my eyes to such evils as experiments on live animals, the export of living animals in overcrowded conditions for slaughter, if not dead on arrival, does not exonerate me from guilt.

It contributes to unease of conscience. These words do not express the depth of abhorrence, I do not know the answer but I do know it is morally wrong.

Can evil means ever really justify a "good" end?

If there were no animals another way would most surely be found; but I seem to be forgetting, we have already progressed to the weak and the helpless of our own species. All in a good cause, of course.

Myra Yates

Catholic Herald (3/6/94)

Professor Linzey's writings were a fine testament to both the theology of Newman, and, more important, to the work of Our Creator, who made man and beast as part of his divine design. However, to ban all experiments on animals would pose a grave moral dilemma: are we killing a human being - or at least not saving him from certain death - in order to save an animal? And is there not a God-inspired hierarchy within nature, setting man above beast?

Myra Moffet

Catholic Herald (3/6/94)

Thanks is due to the Rev Andrew Linzey for his moving piece on the little-known Cardinal Newman theology of animals. Our society cannot afford to pay lip service to Christianity while we continue to torture animals through experiments.

Marina Grade

Catholic Herald (3/6/94).

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