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'Christian Herald' letters (1985)

Animal welfare

Dear Editor,

You kindly published a letter recently in which I said I could not understand the attitude of some Christians towards animals. This has again been brought to my notice through reading that when the General Synod of the Church of England had a debate on animal welfare, more than half the members stayed away - openly saying they were not going to waste their time with sentimental people who cared more about animals than humans.

This attitude is deplorable and drives some caring and compassionate people away from the Church. I know some animal lovers are considered to be 'cranks' because they appear to think more of animals than humans. But let us not judge harshly. It may be they have been badly treated by humans, perhaps in their childhood, and in their loneliness have turned to animals, among whom they have found faithful friendship. The best Christians I have known, heard about or read about, are those who care for all God's creatures - human and animal. Read Psalm 36 v 6 which shows that God cares and therefore we should too.

Irene Hughes (28/1/85)

Prayer vigils for animals

Dear Editor,

Nine other Christians and myself held a peaceful prayer vigil, on 17th December, outside the main gates of the Boots Company's laboratories, Nottingham. The group consisted of Christians from the Quaker, C of E, United Reformed and Pentecostal churches. We hope to hold a prayer vigil at the same place on the first Monday of each month, between 7 and 8pm: anyone who would like to join us would be most welcome.

We believe God is concerned, indeed, heart-broken, about all suffering, whether it be human or animal. We would love to see other prayer vigils at laboratories all over the country, and would ask others to consider holding vigils, if possible on a regular basis.

We are concerned about all the suffering animals go through, including the agony they endure in the factory-farms, slaughterhouses, and battery-hen units, and it would be good to see prayer vigils outside such places also. We'd be very glad to hear of any other vigils taking place.

Miss C M Scott (7/2/85)

Cruelty to animals

Dear Editor,

I would like to reinforce Mrs Irene Hughes' letter regarding animal welfare. It saddens me that so many Christians are quite unconcerned about the horrific cruelty inflicted on God's defenceless creatures. They are typical of the Pharisees and Scribes who passed by on the other side!

Their attitude reveals a very limited understanding of the great all-enfolding love of God for all his creatures. Let us reflect, with shame, that man is the despoiler of His beauteous Creation - not the animals.

Miss S. Green (21/3/85)

Love for all God's creatures

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Irene Hughes of Brighton, for her letter regarding the Christian attitude to animals.

Like her, I have a great love and regard for all God's creatures and feel that man has no right to cause distress and suffering to any animal.

I often wonder why the clergy seldom mention animals in their prayers or sermons. Animals have as much right to be happy as humans do.

Joan Evans (28/3/85)

Prayer for animals

Dear Editor,

With reference to the letter, 'Prayer vigils for animals,' your readers may be interested to know that, after having prayer meetings for animals for several months in a private home, one of the members prayed for a Church in the centre of Brighton where such meetings could be held. The next month saw us in Chapel Royal, which is in the centre of Brighton, with the kind permission of the vicar.

Meetings will now be held there on the last Tuesday of each month, commencing at 2.30pm and any of your readers in this district will be welcome to attend. Similar prayer meetings are also going to be arranged in London later on by the Righteous Branch of David Anti-Vivisection Society.

This shows more and more people are becoming concerned about the cruelty inflicted in laboratories and factory farming.

Irene Hughes (28/3/85)

Anti-cruelty prayer

Dear Editor,

Your readers may be interested to know that the Righteous Branch of David Anti-Vivisection Society is holding prayer meetings on the second Wednesday of each month from 1.30pm at St Matthews Chapel, 20 Great Peter Street, Westminster, to pray for animals.

We believe it is only by prayer that the ever-increasing cruelty by mankind to God's creatures can be overcome.

For further details, please contact . . .

Irene Hughes (2/5/85)

Reproduced with thanks.

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