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Cruelty to animals


In view of the fact that cruelty to animals has never been so vast and terrible as now (for we have all our old cruelties with diabolical new ones added) may I appeal to that compassion which should be the heart and core of the Church, and which tragically it fails to extend in the smallest degree towards these utterly defenceless "children" which should be our concern and care.

The Church accepted evolution (as indeed it could not help doing) long ago but, incredibly it continued to turn an illogical blind eye to its essential truth and gist; the fact that we are all animals - our highly developed ape selves, and less evolved but still evolving others - which we call "animals", but which could far better be called sub-humans.

Before the recognition of evolution there was the belief that "animals were put into the world for our use"; we now know that this is totally untrue, and yet, with unspeakable wickedness, we ignore this truth because the position is awkward and difficult to remedy, but eventually remedy must come unless we are to slide back into the mud from which we came. A recognition of the true status of animals could, without achieving all it should, go far to remedy the present unbelievable anachronism of our atrocious cruelty and exploitation of them; and yet, even prayers on "Animal Sunday - October 6th" are said in only a few Churches, and there is no general recognition of the day.

This, like all else, presumably springs from the totally inaccurate terrible dictum already quoted - "animals were put into the world for our use"! Of course their correct treatment cannot come for long, but some recognition could prevent the present rapid growth of even more ghastly and astronomical cruelties and exploitation. God is Love, Gentleness and Mercy; has the Church forgotten this? Is the existence of cruelty and evil forgotten? Must all conform to expediency? For God's sake have courage and pity.

With the prayers of all still compassionate people.

(Mrs) Vera Yorke
The Church of England Newspaper

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