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'Catholic Herald' Debate (1980)Letters

Blessed creatures

I read, with interest, the Herald article about animals and an after life. But as my own little she-cat had just died in my arms after being run down on the road, my reactions were purely emotional.

After, I thought that I do believe that God will gather all His Creation to Him at the end. And so, why not His donkeys, dogs and cats? No room in Heaven? But it's just where He is and He might wish to have the sum of His creation around him. Perhaps, it would remind Him of Eden. God created His lesser creatures with, apparently, as great care as He employed for making men. He gave them life - no mean gift. He gave the ability to inspire and give affection (not bad so far - even for humans). He gave them minds. Small? But so are ours in comparison with the mind of God.

My little cat, no mean psychologist, had me taped. God lets His lesser creatures share man's pain. So, why not a little of His glory?

Now, we know that, in nature nothing is wasted. So, why throw away all this beauty and life? That would not be intelligent. He lets His lesser ones procreate and that is a truly valuable, if common, gift.

I think that He has a place that is very low in the strata of Heavenly Mansions, and here, God will put his animal kingdom, under His eye.

But as I do not anticipate reaching the Higher Courts, myself, I will be very thankful if I can just reach that lowly station. Here, I hope to see trees and flowers and hear celestial music.

Therefore, I might, with luck, meet little Smallpiece again. Why not?

Kate Hayes

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