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'Catholic Herald' Debate (1980)Letters

A deafening silence

I am a convert to the Catholic Faith, and a life long vegetarian.

Nothing will convince me that animals have no souls, and I am appalled at the lack of concern shown by the Leaders of the Church towards the dreadful cruelty involved in the killing of baby seals, dolphins, in the so-called "sports" of foxhunting, shooting, bullfighting, fishing and all other forms of cruelty to animals.

I believe in a God who is full of compassion for all living creatures and this includes animals, birds and fish. After all He created them, and I believe their creation was not for man to destroy for his greed or in the name of sport.

Spare a thought also for the countless animals who suffer through having cosmetics, cigarettes, shampoo etc., tested on them.

I beg the Church to stop burying its head in the sand, or does it not care about our "lesser Brethren?"

If my views on religion are incorrect, I make no excuse. I will continue to hold my view that all life is sacred, and not only that of human beings.

Yvonne M. Phillipson

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