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'Catholic Herald' debate (1982)Letters

Creature comforts?

The 'Animals Film' (The Gate, Bloomsbury), demonstrates clearly the extreme cruelty and degradation man and woman inflicts on millions of animals a year in Britain alone, particularly through our factory farming methods where the proper care of living creatures is completely denied for economic reasons.

Most people, even "non pet-lovers" would be disturbed if they knew their neighbour kept a pet dog or cat imprisoned all its life in a cage barely larger than its own size, yet apparently have no objections to the vast business of factory farming in which animals are reared in similar distressing and miserable conditions in order to end up as food on our tables.

Five million experiments on living animals each year include blinding, burning, poisoning, mutilation and the inflicting of electric shocks.

Many experiments have little scientific justification other than that of academic routine, or for endless new industrial and cosmetic products, and for testing the effectiveness of the latest discoveries in biological and chemical warfare.

Is it not time we examined our attitudes, as Catholics, to the way we treat other species in God's creation. As a recent convert I am dismayed by the apparent lack of any significant concern or interest in the moral issues of animal welfare and food production in the Catholic Church.

Phillida Ball

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