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'Catholic Herald' debate (1982)Letters

Animal welfare

Regarding the lack of concern by the Church for animal welfare and in particular the stoning to death of rabbits, hens and doves in Spain the International Fund for Animal Welfare is sending a team to Spain to urge the authorities to ban such activities. IFAW is certainly deserving of support and can be contacted at...

Mrs M E Braunton

Since we appealed for help last year, we have rescued, cared for and found good homes for nearly 23,000 homeless, ill-treated or injured cats and kittens. Sadly there are still many thousands in urgent need of assistance.

Our annual appeal is now open - every contribution, large or small, will be used to provide sorely needed help for animals in distress who are unable to help themselves.

Group Captain H E Boothby,
Cats Protection League,

Thank you for the insertion of the advertisement on behalf of the Animal Protection Alliance, Nov 26, page five. If these experiments on animals were banned the stealing of pets would also cease. Your publicity on behalf of the animals is very much appreciated and full support to this worthy cause will be given.

Anne Spikker

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