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'Catholic Herald' debate (1982)Letters

Uncivilised sports

I am astonished by G E Moorehouse's defence of bloodsports, Nov. 5. There is no doubt that hunting with hounds involves a brand of cruelty that should not be tolerated by civilised society.

Foxes are thrown live to hounds, are released in front of hounds, having had their paws cut to reduce their chances of escape, and are clearly encouraged by hunting people, to the point of being fed.

The logical extension of G E Moorehouse's arguments would be the re-introduction of dog-fighting, cock fighting, bull baiting and badger baiting.

All these brutal activities involve killing for fun and if this really is to be the significant factor governing our behaviour why not go the whole way and allow people to hammer screwdrivers into the heads of horses, or set cats alight in the street?

The Christian approach must surely be to express care, consideration and compassion to those in need, be they man or animal, and to the greatest possible extent.

Man undoubtedly has priority but without animals would life be worth living at all? Are we to be condemned to live in a world of silent skies, barren lands, empty seas and mounds of our own waste?

M E Wilkins
Press Officer
League Against Cruel Sports

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