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'Catholic Herald' debate (1982)Letters

Cruelty to foxes

In reply to M. E. Wilkins, Dec 17, foxhunting is a very closely controlled pursuit. Any hunt found guilty of the sort of abuses cited by Mr Wilkins - "throwing foxes live to the hounds", "cutting their paws", etc. - would be immediately expelled from the Masters of Foxhounds Association, a risk which, apart from any other consideration, none would consider worth taking.

True foxhunters abhor those who shoot and trap foxes, and who thereby often inflict lingering deaths. The fox suffers infinitely more from farmers, pelt trappers and irresponsible gamekeepers than he does from the hunts. Those who oppose hunting fail to think the issue through. The hunts at once conserve and control. It is my personal evidence that in those parts of Britain, where there is no controlled hunting, the fox is almost extinct.

I wonder why it is that we hear so much from the League Against Cruel Sports about hunting with hounds, but nothing about irresponsible fishing.

J N P Watson

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