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'Catholic Herald' debate (1983)

The dangers of extremism in animal welfare field

Regarding the question of animal abuse there is no necessity to defend myself against Mr Nicholson, Nov 26, nor his caricature of my position. Clearly the only human being who can claim not to be guilty of "speciesism" is a strict vegetarian.

It is sufficient to note that Christ was not a vegetarian (incidentally, Christ also went hunting).

Mr M E Wilkins, Dec 17, should try sparing a little of the justice he so ardently seeks for animals for those human beings who happen not to share his views.

I went to great pains, Nov 5, not to defend wanton cruelty. I suspect that the sort of

mindless yob that hammers a screwdriver into a horse's head is more likely to be the product of a concrete jungle than either a huntsman or a countryman; many huntsmen are actively involved in intelligent and effective conservation work.

Vivien Clifford and others believe God is offended by hounds pursuing live prey. Why then has God created an order in which hounds, and many other animals, have for millions of years done little else but hunt live prey? Is it not more probable that Miss Clifford is scandalised by creation than that the Creator is scandalised by the hounds.

There is clearly a valuable debate in which Christians should be involved concerning man's stewardship before God of his creation.

The animal lobbies, representing the lunatic fringe, can have little of value to contribute to this debate.

G E Moorhouse

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