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'Catholic Herald' debate (1983)Letters

Compassion for all creatures

One of the issues at the General Election has been animal welfare and it has been established that 9 per cent of the electorate wished to give their vote to whichever party or candidate undertook to bring in legislation to abolish the horrors of vivisection, the cruelty in factory farming, and blood sports.

That means about three million people oppose vivisection and will try to secure its prohibition by law.

Let us hope and pray that the day is not far off when every civilised person will look back to vivisection in the name of science as they do now to burning at the stake in the name of religion.

Compassion for suffering in all its forms is the hallmark of an enlightened community, the badge of a cultured individual, and above all a passport for entry into the Kingdom of the Compassionate Christ.

Constance Madden

Mervyn Bocking (June 3) allowed his imagination to run riot when he accused Canon Gabriel Fallopius, the famous 16th century anatomist, of vivisecting convicted criminals and prostitutes as a spare time hobby.

No proof is offered in support of this assertion, which is a slur on the good name of one whose research made an important contribution to our knowledge concerning the human ear and genital organs.

Fallopius conducted his research on human cadavers. Gabriel Fallopius must rank as outstanding among 16th century Italian anatomists, whose learning paved the way for much of our modern knowledge.

B C Wilson

The debate about the use of animals in experiments may seem trivial to reports of inhuman treatment of prisoners in countries like the Soviet Union.

But surely it is an abuse of the creation to subject creatures, which have souls, to unnecessary suffering? If the experiments cannot be carried out on human beings, should they be carried out at all?

Michael Ward

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