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'Catholic Herald' debate (1983)Letters

Caring for Creatures of Planet Earth

I too was among a "cast of thousands" on the Carshalton March to the vivisection laboratories there, Kindness to Animals, May 6, but most regrettably did not manage to talk in any depth to Sr Francis.

Her letter sums up our feelings at the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection but I would touch on a related matter.

Many young folk asked her "are you a real nun." She answered "Of Course - why?" Their reply was "We didn't know the Church cared about animals."

In times like the present when the Church is flooded with brickbats let me present a bouquet.

Thank you for your very able "ambassador" Sr Francis who obviously cares not only for the cruelly treated "lesser creatures" but also for those who have left your Church because of their "deep hurt" over its silence on the animal cause.

She gave those young people food for thought; I hope they take her valuable advice and rejoin the Catholic Church.

Sr Francis "met the people" and told them, when asked, what her Church meant to her in her work at Talacre Abbey as well as her care for God's creatures.

She was overheard to say that the people on the march "are my Church at war". Surely that is right and proper? Thank God for her and her witness, and thanks to the Herald for bringing the plight of animals to the general public.

Angela Walder
Associate of Institute of Animal Technicians, BUAV

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