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'Catholic Pictorial' Debate (1979)
They'd call St. Francis a crank

A friend in Widnes, when the Abortion Bill was presented to Parliament, obtained signatures to prevent legalisation of abortion. For many years, she worked for Oxfam, the NSPCC and often raises funds for Jospice International.

This is the kind of lady who stops her car if she sees an old lady trying to cross the road, to take her across - just as any Christian does?

I remember walking through Bold Street with her and a tramp asked for ten pence; she didn't only open her purse but her heart - she talked to him just as any Christian should.

A single parent family she had known for only a short time was looking for a new home; instead of offering advice she took that family in, even though she cherishes her family's and personal privacy very much.

Only in the struggle against animal exploitation does she meet misunderstanding and abuse. How selfish we are!

'There are more worthy causes' she is often told (as for instance in a recent endeavour to raise funds for the Humane Research Trust, which sponsors scientists in medical research not involving animals) by people who in the name of Jesus Christ are supposed to oppose injustice of any description.

A Christian cannot condone the horrific experiments on defenceless animals, especially when many are for non-medical purposes (in 1976, of the total 5,474,739 experiments, 3,535,033 were performed by commercial undertakings).

Can we condone killing of animals for the vanity of a fur coat or overlook the treatment of cattle, pigs and fowl as machines to provide us with food, unless we make profit our god?

If St. Francis were alive today, he too would be regarded as a crank and heretic.

Catherine Jones


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