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'Catholic Pictorial' Debate (1979)
Exploiting the weak

Why does the subject of meat abstention stir up such opposition? Could it be that our stomachs come before the welfare of our less fortunate brethren? In a world where 2 out of 3 are hungry it has been estimated that 1.65 acres of land will feed ONE person on a meat and vegetable diet and FIVE persons on a meatless diet. In the UK, 400 million animals are massacred annually.

Man, being a coward, has always exploited the weak. All the evidence points to the fact that man became carnivorous at the onset of the Ice Age, approximately 50,000 years ago. He should have evolved beyond the need to kill.

Cruelty is not compatible with Christianity and in this modern world of factory farming (far removed from the farming methods of Jesus' time), we daily eat the products of cruelty.

If my letter has raised doubts in people's minds about the morality of flesh eating then I am truly glad and redouble my prayers. Like Leonardo da Vinci, I look forward to the time when men will look on the murder of animals as they now do of men.

To anyone contemplating the step of a non-meat diet, then I say, 'Come on in, the water is lovely'. Then indeed, life takes on a new dimension and only then can one truly partake in the oneness and beauty of Creation.

Irene Casey
Area Contact - Compassion In World Farming
Member of Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare


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