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'Church Times' debate (1984)

Compassion in farming (6/4/84)

Sir, - May I draw your readers' attention to the current campaign by Compassion in World Farming to abolish the battery system by which over ninety per cent. of Britain's eggs are produced.

The hybrid chicken has a wing-span of 30ins. - 32ins. To keep one bird in a twenty-inch cage would be cruel. Yet five or more birds share one such cage, unable to obey their God-given instincts to fly, stretch their wings, walk, perch, dust-bathe, nest or ground-scratch.

The battery system is a 300 million industry serving big-business interests and protected by the N.F.U. Britain has enough land to supply us all with eggs by the humane alternative methods of aviary and deep litter at little extra cost to the consumer.

As a member of the C. of E. I appeal to clergy and laity to write to their MP asking that Britain should follow Switzerland's example of phasing out the battery cage now. Letters written by members of the Established Church would carry great weight.

Sadly, the Church is condemned by all animal welfare societies for its "resounding silence" about cruelty to animals. Yet we claim that our Creator loves all his creatures. If the crowding of hens in a battery cage for life doesn't "put all Heaven in a rage," then I am one Church member who hopes to escape Heaven when I die.

Please help those who cannot plead for themselves.

Ruth Perry,
CIWF Area Contact,

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