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Letters - By J. M. Gilheany

Christians can be vegetarians too!

DAVID Lloyd attempts to exalt Christianity yet chastise a vegetarian correspondent for attempting to change the world (Viewpoints, July 27).

If religion has any real purpose in the world then surely the Skanda Vale monks can at least be commended for their authentic respect for life.

The Church often refers to a culture of death in society yet barely blinks at the huge numbers of animals that are slaughtered to satiate a national craving for their flesh!

The Vegetarian Society has attracted a significant number of clergy since the mid 19th Century despite the glib recourse which Mr Lloyd and others have traditionally taken towards the New Testament. Indeed the society was largely founded by a Protestant sect that realised there was less Biblical authority for killing other beings than there is for human slavery!

There is a compassionate element within society which many Christians will never comprehend but they make further fools of themselves every time they reach for the Bible to promote ethical indifference, suffering or needless bloodshed.

South Wales Echo

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