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Letters - By J. M. Gilheany

Veggie climate cure

SIR – With climate change making headlines and many people unsure of what they can do to help, giving up meat has become an increasingly realistic choice.

It is certainly an understated fact that farmed animals produce more greenhouse gas emissions (18%) than the world’s entire transport system (13.5%). A recent report in The Lancet written by an international team of scientists emphasised the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism and recognised “reducing demand for meat as the only real option” for tackling the threat that cattle farming presents to environmental stability.

The Vegetarian Society has produced a report about how diet impacts on the environment. Why it’s Green to Go Vegetarian is available at, or you can call 0161 925 2000 for a free copy of the booklet which explains why vegetarians’ meat and fish-free lifestyle reduces their impact on the environment.

Given the recently (and perennially) publicised links between the consumption of red meat and serious health risks the time has never been better to consider a positive lifestyle change.

Western Mail

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