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Letters - By J. M. Gilheany

Historical points

Just a minor point of clarification, but one which may be of interest to members that have recently visited the historical Order of the Golden Age website.

The history of the OGA referred for some weeks to 'the two national vegetarian societies which were based in Manchester and London' during the 1890's.

In 1888 the London Vegetarian Society began publishing independent literature, having rescinded its auxilliary relationship with the Manchester H.Q. of the Society. Their journal The Vegetarian, appeared between 1888 and 1920 and became The Vegetarian News in 1921.

However it was not until 1920 that a London Vegetarian Association appeared, briefly, with a view to establishing a network of groups within a 20 mile radius of Charing Cross. In 1922 the LVA concept was absorbed into the LVS which began to establish itself as a second national society.

In 1969 the schism was resolved when the Vegetarian Society of the UK came into existence, with what appears to have been a lasting regional formula!

The Vegetarian Spring 2007

NB. An earlier 'London Vegetarian Association' existed alongside the L.V.S. from 1895 onwards which co-ordinated various Food Reform societies. See: Of Victorians and Vegetarians, James Gregory, I.B. Taurus, 2007, p.64

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