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Letters - By J. M. Gilheany

Faith in care for abused animals

The Christian faith has been in the bad books of environmentalists and the animal protection movement since at least the days of the Humanitarian League of a century ago.

There is much about the situation which is understandable; as any compassionate soul who has received short shrift from clergy over concern for institutional, commercial or recreational cruelty to animals can sorely testify.

The scale of such dissillusionment with the Churches, at every level, has grown vast over recent decades.

However the scenario is far from hopeless in terms of Christian witness to forsaken forms of cruelty in Western society.

Since the 1970's, there has been a notable degree of concern expressed from within the Churches.

Although much of that concern reflects considerable unease at certain attitudes and general inertia which has served to caricature the Christian relationship with creation; there is also a wealth of outspoken insight which is currently being made available for contemporary interest.

Hopefully there will be those among your readership who may share a positive interest in Christian advocacy on behalf of abused animals in modern times. If so, would you please visit and consider mentioning the resource at: 

Catholic Times (9/11/08) 

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