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Over the past few years, I've been compiling an archive of Church-related animal rights/welfare/protection articles, letters etc. which have appeared in the movement's publications and the Church press.

After the Remembrance Service for Animals, last November, I was talking to ASWA Committee member, Simon July, who was amazed to hear that full-on letters on vegetarianism were being published in the Church Times during the early 70's. Indeed, such letters usually got the message across without having to defend their case in print.

There is considerable material already presented which contemporary campaigners should be able to put to worthwhile use. At the current pace of research and display of material, it looks as if the project will be 'complete' in another couple of years.

In the meantime, it would be greatly appreciated if you would bring the website to the attention of your readers: 

There's a further article on the background of the FoL in the Spring edition of the CVAUK Newsletter at:

ASWA Bulletin 73 (Spring 2009) 

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