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Letters - By J. M. Gilheany

Wales on Sunday letter (untitled)  

THE national media recently reported the Crown Court case of a young model who was beaten up, raped and eventually disfigured with acid by a man whom she met via Facebook.

There are certainly all too frequent, if relatively rare, examples of the depths to which our species is capable of descending and “justice” often seems a strained description of expensive imprisonment within the stern safeguards of human rights legislation.

Meanwhile, we experiment on millions of entirely innocent laboratory animals every year, in vicious “procedures” which “Pro-Test” was formed to gloss over with supposedly scientific propaganda (WoS, May 3).

The public seems to be particularly susceptible to the notion that animal life should be sacrificed on a vast scale in research which may or may not lead to cures for human illnesses but which certainly involves the infliction of real suffering.

Yet where is the celebrated consistency of the pro-vivisection lobby, who should surely realise that millions of humans will inevitably die in the decades ahead while scientists make do with animal subjects of experimentation, obtaining results which are often entirely misleading on those hallowed medical grounds?

The scientific community fully realise, but cannot utter the awful truth, that “incurable” diseases might well have been consigned to history by now had the likes of Ian Brady been the victims of their research rather than animals whose rights are infinitely less respected.

A civilised society must of course refuse to resort to hi-tech barbarism, however tempting the potential for ill-gotten gains may appear to be at times.

It seems therefore, that it is not animal liberationists who should be considered “irrational” but those who invoke “the monkey or your child” scenario rather than “the paedo or the next generation of children” – which would doubtless be a more truthful, if perhaps less popular, vivisectionists’ vote-winner.


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