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Letters - By J. M. Gilheany

Missing the point over abstinence  

It seems as though John Battle is deftly confusing two different forms of abstinence in his article highlighting the 'Meat-free Monday' campaign to reduce carbon emissions and animal slaughter (Universe, January 17).

Who can really say if Sir Paul McCartney's inherently noble initiative was announced "as if the idea of Friday fasting had never existed?"

Let's suppose that was the case, in the sense that steps to avert environmental catastrophe tend to put religious asceticism into an arcane corner of contemporary consciousness. Perhaps Catholic denial provided an inspiration for the modest call for a meat-free day of the week?

However, there was never any concern for ecology or animal life in either monastic or lay penitential devotion of this nature, so why confound media interest by invoking a secular clash with half-forgotten Catholic culture?

Catholics may consider the relevance of abstinence from animal products during Lent and information is available from the Christian Vegetarian Association of the UK at:

The Universe (24/1/10). 

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