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Lenten Letter
By J. M. Gilheany

Vegetarian Lent

Could I tentatively draw the attention of your readers to this year's 'Vegetarian Lent 2002' initiative.

As a traditional period of discipline, more laterally associated with outward charitable witness, it is an ideal opportunity for Christians to reflect on our relationship with our animal fellows.

It is a real shame and anomaly, where otherwise widespread Christian virtues of love, mercy and peace, are arbitrarily halted at the slaughterhouse gate. In all humility, one has to wonder exactly how much of Church doctrine is, in this regard, a theology for acquired taste?

It is ultimately a matter of individual Christian conscience, in deciding whether or not to receive Our Lord's message as embracing contemporary ethical vegetarianism. To an increasing number of Christ's followers, it remains continually important to discern the signs of our times. The practical implications of any religion, where love is of the essence, require a consistency of lifestyle.

Where our choices as a community combine to perpetuate a vast and needless violence, then perhaps we should take the time to examine ways of thinking, often taken for granted.

Further advice and a more detailed appraisal of this issue is available at:

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