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Lenten Letter
By J. M. Gilheany

Become a veggie this Lent

There can be few issues that require as much sensitivity in their presentation within our Christian community, as contemporary ethical vegetarianism.

In the face of seemingly pernicious Biblical verses, that co-exist alongside just and compassionate teachings, our own choices will, as always, combine to perpetuate healing or harm.

The blunt fact of 'food production' in the UK is that two million innocent animal lives are violently taken daily.

At the same time, we are offered a more spiritually consistent alternative, through adopting a far healthier flesh-free diet.

Let Lent herald an increasingly benevolent and contemplative Christian relationship within the created world, to which we inextricably belong.

Further information on this year's vegetarian Lent initiative can be obtained from the address below, or our website at

Catholic Times - ghost written

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