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Lenten Letter
By J. M. Gilheany

Letter to Clergy

Dear _______

May we respectfully draw the attention of your Parish to this year's 'VEG4LENT' initiative, the aims of which are outlined within the attached promotional flyer.

The 'VEG4LENT' concept recognises that vegetarianism has held a contentious position within our Christian community since its formative period. It is a matter of individual Christian conscience, in deciding whether or not to receive Our Lord's message as lending support to contemporary ethical vegetarianism. An informed choice is therefore essential in addressing what has become a grave humanitarian issue, which will increasingly require both a credible and compassionate Christian response over the coming decades.

It is our aspiration to progressively share the insight that Christ's eternal teachings of Love, Mercy, Peace and Justice, need not be arbitrarily halted at the slaughterhouse gate. Indeed, we hope to demonstrate that God's love encompasses the animal kingdom too.

We therefore request permission to display the enclosed VEG4LENT flyer on your church notice board, for the appraisal of your congregation. An accompanying full-colour poster and action-pack, for church study groups, is also available, which addresses the issues raised and their implications in greater theological depth (free introductory booklet available on request). It is ultimately hoped that the 'VEG4LENT' campaign will promote reflection and discussion in the wider Christian community offering a pragmatic response to today's injured world; a world in constant need of healing, through our participation with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Yours in Christ,


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